General Truss CompanyGeneral Truss Company

has been serving the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley since 1995.
General Truss Company is focused on producing Roof and Floor Trusses only.
In 2004, General Truss Company moved into a state-of-the-art production facility
that has no rivals.

A precise, systematic way of producing and scheduling roof and floor trusses
means that your product is right the first time and meets your schedule. 
Our staff of industry veterans has the experience and competence that you can
count on when it comes to crunch-time.

General Truss Company’s customers benefit from:

  • Detail oriented pre-construction meetings.
  • Problem solving techniques from the design stage through the framing stage.
  • Availability to meet with your architect or engineer, mitigating future problems.
  • Immediate response times.

    Also, we work with the top lumber and framing companies to take care of your
    packaging needs. By taking these steps for our customers, we can save
    you time and money. General Truss Company has built its reputation on delivering
    a quality product, providing excellent service, and fostering customer loyalty. 
  Thank you for the opportunity to bid your projects.
CA Breathe 2015 Award


  • We produce the highest quality product
    In our trusses we use 2X4 #1 & Better Douglas Fir top and bottom chords and we typically keep our panel
    lengths in our roof trusses at 8’-0”. This insures a quality product and reduces warranty and back-charge issues. 
    We also have an unsurpassed “Five-Step” Quality Assurance Program

  • We fabricate floor trusses
    We are the leader in fabricating floor trusses for single-family homes,
    condominiums, apartments, hotels, and commercial projects.


  • We will meet all schedules
    Our expertise in scheduling and number of trucks on hand means we can meet your
    scheduling needs. We realize that truss calcs for permit purposes are an issue, so
    we are quick to react.

  • We have very competitive prices
    Our large volume of material purchasing allows us to pass discounts on to our
    We DO NOT cut corners on materials or designs in order to get your business! 
    We believe we can make a quality product at a fair price.
  • We are considered one of the “Greenest” truss companies
    in the United States

    Our facility is solar, our truss designers optimize webs and chords for less waste, and
    we are using less paper by utilizing electronic files for plans and truss calcs. 
    Also, we recycle all of our wood waste, office paper, cans, and bottles.


At General Truss Company, we are consistently proactive with our customers and their needs.

  • Roof Trusses

  • Floor Trusses

  • Fire Walls

  • Pre-Fabricated Wall Site: A place where framing contactors have a place
    to frame their walls in a manufacturing setting.

  • Simpson Hardware

  • Solid Eave & Ridge Blocks

  • 4-Hole Vent Blocks

  • Special Bevel Blocks

  • Shear Blocking

  • Outlookers

  • Ripping Overhang Material

  • Cutting Random Lengths into Studs

  • Coming Soon:

    • Corbels

    • Special 4X Overhangs

    • 4X Timber Trusses

    • Prefabricated Garages, Out Buildings & Barns


    We at General Truss understand that there are limited resources on this planet, and what we do today affects our children and
    grandchildren tomorrow. In 2004 when we had the opportunity to build a new facility, we built the first solar truss plant in
    Northern California. We feel that is our responsibility to be proactive and take a leadership role within our community and in our
    industry to promote a sustainable way of doing business.

    Thank you for the opportunity to bid your projects.

    We are one of the top “GREENEST
    Truss Companies in the United States!

    • Our facility is solar.
    • Our truss designers optimize webs and chords for less waste.
    • We are using less paper by utilizing electronic files for plans and truss calcs.
    • We recycle all of our wood waste, office paper, cans, and bottles.
    Other areas that we are looking into are as follows:
    Bio Diesel
    USGBC’S LEED/GBI’S Green Globes/HAHB’S Green Home Building Guidelines
    FSC/SFI Certifications
    General Truss ~ Solor Facility General Truss Recycle Program General Truss Cardboard Recycle Program General Truss Office Recycle Program
    Solar Facility Web Optimizing & Wood
    Recycle Program
       Cardboard Recycle Program Office Recycle Program


        CA Breathe 2015 Award    
    Tim Saville Featured in the Sacramento Business Journel Assembly Award Berc Awards Senate Award Sacramento Supervisor's Award
    Smud Award Congress Award Berc Award Congress Award Berc Award



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    urban agriculture & education project


    At General Truss Company, the by-product from our vent blocks
    are shavings.


    • The shavings are then used as bedding material and soil amendments
    at Soil Born Farms. Both Soil Born Farms and General Truss Company
    are supporters of the“Farm-To-Fork” movement throughout
    the Sacramento region.


    • Soil Born Farms grew to operate two urban farms on 55 acres in
    Sacramento and Rancho Cordova.  It has evolved into a nationally
    recognized center for the promotion of urban agriculture, sustainable
    food systems and healthy food education.


    • The American River Ranch, a 55-acre historic ranch located
    within the American River Parkway, is now the permanent
    home of Soil Born Farms.  It provides a wonderfully diverse landscape
    to engage both youth and adults in hands-on activities that educate and connect
    them with the natural world, healthy food, healthy eating,
    job and life skills, hard work, and service opportunities. 


    • The American River Ranch also provides the opportunity to expand
    the production of vegetables and fruit to meet the needs of
    more Sacramento residents, particularly those in underserved
    neighborhoods with little or no access to fresh, nutritious food.
    Chicken coop material was donated by General Truss Company &
    North State Lumber





    Great People. Great Product. Great Pricing…it’s not rocket science. We believe that our most valuable assets are our people, which translates into great product at great value. Our team has decades of truss industry experience. We invite you to take a tour and meet our team. We appreciate your business!
    Tim Saville Ted Mike
    Tim Saville
    General Manager &
    Director of Business Development
    Ted Jones
    Design Manager
    Mike Willert
    Senior Truss Designer
    Juan Alfredo
     Juan Gonzalez
    Production Manager
     John Henderson
    Transportation Manager/Dispatcher
    Brian Bailey
    Truss Designer
    Our Crew
    Tracy Saville
    Chief Business Advisor

    Our Crew


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    The General Truss Crew